TRI is the world leader in Oracle Brazil implementations


Brazil is a country well known for its complex legal and regulatory requirements. What might not be as well known is that for well over a decade, TRI has performed the vast majority of implementations and upgrades for multinationals using Oracle in Brazil. We discovered early on that the key to delivering successful projects in Brazil is achieved by building a team of Brazilian Oracle professionals who understand the local requirements inside and out. TRI resources have spent their entire careers working with Oracle applications resulting in project teams with deep expertise and solution knowledge. Our exceptional track record delivering engagements on time and on budget is why some of the top companies in the world select TRI as their implementation partner in Brazil.

TRi Oracle Solutions for Brazil, overlooking Rio de Janeiro

Oracle’s solution for Brazil

Oracle offers a complete solution which will address all local requirements through the use of Oracle Localizations, Oracle Add-On Localizations and Oracle Partner solutions.

  • Core Oracle – Oracle’s ERP system known as eBusiness Suite, developed and supported by Oracle in Redwood Shores CA.

  • Oracle Localizations – Additional regional functionality that is developed and supported as part of Oracle’s core solution.

  • Oracle Add-On Localizations – Country specific functionality developed by Oracle’s in country team, in this case Oracle Brazil.

  • Partner Solutions – Country specific solutions provided by Oracle approved partners who develop their solutions to Oracle standards.


TRI succeeding in Brazil

At TRI, we talk about four factors to consider before beginning a project in Brazil.

  • Statutory Issues

  • Business Process Standardization

  • Language and Communication

  • Cultural Differences

While it is true that these are important factors to manage when running any global ERP project, they are truly the foundation of an effort in Brazil. If you want to run your project as efficiently as possible, limit risk, while saving time and effort, then you must account for these factors when you plan your project. The methodology, resource plan, and even project milestones need to be designed in a way that marries global best practices with Brazilian requirements.

TRi Succeeding in Brazil city view

Global reach. Local expertise

Specialized service offerings for Brazil, SP-Latam, and the Asia Pacific region.


Our experience and flexibility is how we add value. Our values of Transparency, Responsibility, and Integrity make us unique. We won’t always know the answer right away, but our network of partners and relationships means that we usually know someone who does.