The right expertise when and where you need it


At TRI we work with clients of all sizes. Some have large internal IT support organizations and others outsource much of their IT support to established partners in the industry. At TRI we don’t take a one size fits all approach to IT support. Because we maintain a deep roster of full time support analysts, we can scale our organization up or down to meet our clients’ needs in real time, and we can tailor our offerings to find the right mix for each client over time.

Support Offerings

  • Remote Support and Managed Services

  • Ad hoc Support

  • Full Time On-Site Support

  • Custom Training Offerings

  • Contract to Hire Regional Support

Whether you are a long time Oracle shop or just beginning to plan for a future roll out, give us a shout. We would be happy to discuss your needs and help you find a support strategy that fits your footprint.


Flexible Adaptability in Oracle Services

Built to meet the needs of our diverse portfolio of clients

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Our experience and flexibility is how we add value. Our values of Transparency, Responsibility, and Integrity make us unique. We won’t always know the answer right away, but our network of partners and relationships means that we usually know someone who does.