OUR History


TRI is continually evolving and our story is far from over. Below is a brief history of how we became one of the most trusted partners for multinationals in major markets around the world


TRI began when a group of friends who had worked together on Oracle projects, realized demand for quality consultants and support services with experience in Brazil was not being met by current resources. TRI was born out of necessity.

Since its inception, our team has helped companies from every major industry align their global process requirements with the local legal and regulatory requirements of Brazil and other major Latin American countries. We’ve helped organizations across all industries achieve their strategic goals.

  • The two largest US internet and technology companies in the world

  • Major multinational mining and manufacturing companies

  • Multiple pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers

  • A leading global hospitality company

  • Trendsetting organizations in the Transportation, Retail and Agricultural industries

Backed by the knowledge and expertise gained from years of successfully managing complex projects in Brazil, our Project Managers leverage industry solutions built to address common challenges faced by multinationals. The net result is less time spent re-inventing the wheel and instead a singular focus on explaining and implementing established best practices. 

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We’ve worked on nearly everything in Brazil…from helping one of the largest internet companies in the world customize their accounts receivable and billing process, to exploring opportunities for investment with small US start-ups.